Uber vs. Taxi: Redesigning the taxi journey




May 5, 2016


Business Love Design group / Isobar Budapest



Co-designing in a Meetup

The goal of the Meetup was to perform an exemplary service design session where the gathered crowd analyzes problems around a specific topic, through a customer centered point of view, using service design methods and a facilitated process, to formulate possible solutions, intervention suggestions. The topic was “redesign the taxi journey”, and we asked the participants to really rethink how we think about the taxi experience.


Drivers and executives from taxi companies and Uber drivers were participating and working together, which gave us unexpected and eye-opening insights.


The task was to examine the taxi customer journey, take it apart along the main stages and work in small groups around them. The groups rephrased the specific customer objectives of each stage in order to compare them to the desired or achieved customer experience, then created ideas on how to better them.


Discussions were started, stories were shared, resistance got decreased, and ideas were born. These observations were formulated into intervention suggestions, that the taxi companies can freely consider for further use.

BLD team

Judit Boros, Laszlo Agoston, Szilard Szakacs, Karoly Treso, Tamas Turi, Kata Gyarmati, Zoltan Havasi, Anna Kadar, Reni Varga, Balazs Szaday