Talking Flower




July 2, 2010


Kitchen Budapest



Electronic, multimedia friend for indoor plants

The aim was to build an interface that is able to translate the needs of plants into human communication messages – text, sounds, effects. Plants can provide appropriate information of changes in their needs.

How does it work?

One connects the interface to his PC through USB then we find the plant in the botanical database connected to the project. Environmental specifications and needs are downloaded to our device then installed in the soil, our device starts monitoring moist, humidity, light and temperature, etc. When any changes in the needs of our plant it starts to signal the way we had set earlier. To make messages clear and easy to understand, all displayed on the small LCD panel. Talking Flower can be connected to automated watering systems to make life easier when you can’t take care of your plant (like when you are travelling).

Product design and branding

Judit Boros

Coding and hardware design

Márton András Juhász