Simplit – A Kibu Talent program project




June 7, 2014


Kitchen Budapest



Boosting Doctor-patient Relationship by a medication tracking system and a related device

Simplit was one of the first Talent program teams that we started in 2014 at Kitchen Budapest.

The original idea started from the problem that it is often difficult for patients suffering from chronicle disease, to control and properly dose their medications. By missing some pills without noticing, can culminate to false diagnosis by the doctor, which can lead to incorrect therapy and maybe to serious consequences. (It matters to the doctor, that the patient’s condition worsen because the drug has no effects or due to mishandling the pills.) Solving this problem, the team was developing an electronic system and a pill dispensing device, which anchors communication between doctor and patient, increasing the efficiency of their therapy.

“We simplify the process of getting prescriptions filled out, sorted and delivered to the doorstep; all packed up into a smart pill-dispenser.”

Product design by

Zsofia Ujhelyi

Simplit team

Dániel Vértessy, Gergely Hetényi, Gergely Iványi, Gábor Németh, Tamás Gábor

Talent mentors

Nemes Attila, Újhelyi Zsófi, Boros Judit


Rázga Balázs, Szalay Dávid, Feleki Benjamin, Balla Benjamin, Bogár Bence, Korai Zsolt, K. Horváth Krisztián, Kiss László, Szatmári Benjámin