Service design projects at Isobar Budapest




October 5, 2016

I spent 1.5 years at Isobar Budapest as a service design consultant working on projects mostly for Hungarian Telekom. Two major projects from these were the “Billing” project, where we were working on how to channel bill payments online to provide a better experience in shops. And the other was the “Telecoin” project, about introducing non monetary personnel motivations into Telekom’s internal processes.
A case study video is available about them online, Billing case study, TelekoinAbout our methods, one example is the “Meet the customer day”, used to explore customers’ reality with clients.
Isobar Service Design and Innovation Team 2015

Judit Boros, Ivett Takács, Éva Nagy, László Ágoston, Szilárd Szakács, Károly Tresó, Zoltán Havasi and Ádám György.