Hospitality driven design




October 5, 2016

Hospitality Driven Design meetup

What can the ninjas of experience-design teach us? And from a service design perspective; what general principles should be taken into account if we want to be good hosts (=service providers), regardless of the industry we work in and along what process? These questions were discussed in the 3rd Business Love Design Meetup.


As a starting point, we prepared a general hospitality journey and formulated questions that aid the careful consideration of each step.  


We formed four groups to examine what a good host should do – around four topics; country, city, utility providers and employers. We used these different angles in order to see whether there are general principles in Hospitality Driven Design that we summarized afterwards.


BLD team: Judit Boros, Tamas Turi, Kata Gyarmati, Zoltan Havasi, Anna Kadar, Reni Varga, Balazs Szaday, Eszter Altmann, Eszter Hídvégi