Gourmet Gardens




January 29, 2013


Politecnico di Milano Masters Thesis



for indoor urban farming

The main topic of my Masters Thesis Project was urban sustainability and self-sufficiency through home food production systems. The Gourmet Garden project seeks to activate balcony spaces and the households environments by enabling the production of vegetables, herbs, spices and sprouts. The system mainly composes of  different grower kits connected to a supply service for the plant packs.  The greens for the packages are sorted based on functional and kitchen style guidelines and are arranged into different assortments.

from exploring urban green solutions in new york city to the application of household microfarms in budapest

The research/experimentation phase of the project was conducted in New York, at PARSONS the New School for Design, than implementing the findings in a different set-up, I finished it back in Budapest. My tutors: Christian Schneider (PARSONS), Alessandro Confalonieri (POLIMI), Tamás Koltai (GreenFortune Budapest)