Diabetes Journey Map




February 29, 2016


Service Design Workgroup / ECSF Diabetes Foundation

Service design for healthcare

Connecting the diabetic journey with info and change management

I took part in a 6 months self managing service design workshop, where we had the chance to work on freely chosen topics. The aim was to practice service design tools and methods through real-life problems and develop a living project.

Our workgroup’s theme was Type2 Diabetes / How to Learn to Live with Diabetes. After an extensive preliminary research phase, we conducted interviews with people affected by type2 diabetes, with specialists and doctors, and we also did guerrilla observation in hospitals. Based on the insights gained from these exploring activities, we formulated a Diabetes Map merging the “user” journeys, personas together with the information and proposed change management process.

We are sharing our findings with the biggest foundation dealing with diabetes in Hungary, the ‘Egy Csepp Figyelem’ Foundation, for possible future use or project starters.

Team members

  • Judit Boros
  • Bori Kovács
  • Zsófia Szatmári-Margitai
  • Péter Vidos

Workgroup leaders

  • Fanni Csernátony
  • Tamás Püski