Children’s Health workbook




February 2, 2015


University of Szeged Faculty of Medicine

Health Club program

 The program was designed to prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases in early childhood, by targeted health education activities carried out by school nurses with the increased involvement of parents.

The program aimed to develop a practical methodology about introducing new health policies within organizations, and fundamentally strengthen the participation of the beneficiaries in the process (that are the children and their parents). The goal was to ensure the effective and active parental involvement in the games, exercises, teaching and practicing activities. It was particularly important to convince the child’s family background, namely the parents, in the involvement, so that the program’s target group could be the children-parents unit.

The structure of the program

The pilot program was concluded in the spring of 2015, from March to May. The program participants were 8-9 year old (primary school grade 3) children and their parents.

During the three months, there was eight “Health Club” classes, incorporated in the educational framework of the children (15-16 pm, 1-1.5 hours in occasionally). Four elementary schools were selected to participate in the program.

Workbook design and visual communication consultancy

Judit Boros