Imagining Vision




October 12, 2014


Kitchen Budapest in collaboration with Capa Center



Exhibition design

A new generation of gadgets used for real and virtual observation has appeared on the market (Google Glass, Oculus Rift, Kinect, Leap Motion, etc.), while new researches aim to develop even more devices to enhance vision, perception and image processing. Some of these devices already have specific use cases and directions, but most of them have not penetrated the global market yet. These are mostly used by early adopters, technology enthusiast and artists.

The mission of this exhibition was to map and present these visions – to juxtapose the application methods recommended by the manufacturers with the hacks and dreams of early adopters. Our aim with this exhibition was to show visitors in a playful and entertaining form the kind of devices that will determine vision and observation enhancement in the next decade. We wanted to influence their creativity, encourage them to try and use these devices, shape their way of thinking and broaden their horizon about the application possibilities.


Attila Nemes

Assisitant Curators

Judit Boros

László Kiss


by Capa Center