Service Design


February 16, 2012


Politecnico di Milano

Design for Services applied to DIY leisure

Our task was to design solutions that can inspire and help the people to self-organize recreational activities in the green.
The project aims to be implemented by the Nutrire Milano (~Feeding Milan) program which is working for reconnecting the city and the surrounding agricultural areas by effective and innovative solutions.

Cascina di Mezzo

During the work, with the help of the farmers of Cascina di Mezzo, we were deeply analysing the context and used different techniques and tools (storytelling, storyboarding and representation tools) to develop our design scenario and than prototyped our idea.

Farm Friends is a great way to meet new people at Casina Di Mezzo in Parco Agricolo di Sud Milano. To participate, people have to join a picnic group on Meetup and participate in fun activities. After attending a couple of pinics, they will become a Farm Friend to host their own picnic and they will be invited to special events of the Cascina.


Prasad Bhadke, Judit Boros, Yaprak Büyükteoman


Bland Hoke, Benjamin Winter